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Welcome to Dance Car Loans!

Dance Car Loans was created in 2001 by Carl Dance.

We help people with bad credit to get a car loan. We know how much of a hustle getting a car loan can be, and we want to change that. That is the main reason we have started our company, and our customers can say, we have helped many people!

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Our Proven Process Produces Results


First, we meet with you to talk about your requirements, and your car.


It is simple like this, you come in our office once, and you are done after a few hours!

What should you look out for, while choosing a car loan?

There are some thing that you should look out for when choosing your car loan for yourself. The first thing that you should consider when borrowing money is the amount you would like to get for your new car. This is a very important step, because the higher amount you would like to get, the longer you will have to pay it back, or your monthly cost will be higher.

Would you like to get a brand new car or a used car? This step highly depends on your financial state, if you don’t really have much money, or can’t pay the high monthly fees, you should always choose a used car. A used car does not necessarily mean that you get a non or barely working car, it just means it was used before and is not brand new. If you have enough money to afford a new car, and it maintenance fees, then you should go for a new car.

The third thing to take into consideration is how many years do you want it to take to pay it back? This is where the price matters, because if you choose a new car, its price will be higher, resulting in a longer loan.

A great thing you can do is to look at interest rates and fees. Always compare several loans and don’t stick to one loan company. Once you have chosen the company who you want to use, you should make sure that you have the credit that it requires. If you did not have a loan before, or have a bad credit, most of the loan givers will not give you loans. But this is not the case with us, we will always give loans to everyone!

Do you have zero credit history? Or worse, is your credit shot? If your answer is yes to one of the questions and you happen to live in Canada, you probably know by now that finding no credit or bad credit auto loans can be difficult. Difficult yes, but not impossible. Our company, (name of company) is well-entrenched in this market. We provide opportunities for people like you to have the car of your dreams. We don’t only provide affordable loans, we will even help save money on your car loan!

Some Words From Our Clients

Thanks to Dance i was able to get my car loan in less than two weeks!

Tommy McKing

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